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Ngā Tai Oranga

Ngā Tai Oranga, translated as The Healing Tides, is a small multidisplinary team. We provide specialist mental health services in the treatment of people who present with persistent patterns of unstable affect, interpersonal or relationship difficulties, chronic self-harm, suicidal behaviours and complex trauma responses.

Ngā Tai Oranga works with clinicians and teams to provide consultation and advice with a strong recovery focus. Additionally we provide specialist assessment and therapeutic interventions, shared care, training, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) adherent treatment programmes, second opinion assessments, support in developing Whole of Service Response Plans (WSRP), supervision, and referral and liaison with associated residential treatment providers.

As a regional service we support other DHBs outside the Wairarapa DHB, Hutt Valley DHB and Capital & Coast DHB in their work with people with persistent emotion regulation, interpersonal difficulties and risk taking behaviours which could be conceptualised as personality disorder or complex PTSD.

Services we provide:

  • consultation and advice
  • specialist assessments
  • treatment options and planning
  • individual and group therapy
  • family education and support
  • training and education to mental health clinicians
  • mental health and community support services information

Who our service is for

Clinicians who are part of MHAIDS 3DHB and DHB who we have a contract with requesting advice and consultation.

People in Wellington, Porirua, Kāpiti or the Hutt Valley, attending a community mental health team who have a personality disorder or likely problems of this nature.

How to access our service

All referrals to our service are through clinicians who work for the Mental Health, Addiction, and Intellectual Disability Service (MHAIDS).

What you can expect if you use our service

Clinicians who request support from us will be provided with a referral form that helps to identify needs. We will then arrange a meeting with the treating team to discuss the nature of the difficulties. From this, a plan to support the team in their understanding or treatment of their tangata whaiora will be developed. Part of this plan may be to provide assessment, or a therapeutic intervention. Our service does not have a role as the lead treating team.

People who are referred to us for second opinion assessment or therapy will be referred by a mental health service team. For a second opinion assessment, you can anticipate attending a couple of appointments with a clinician from Ngā Tai Oranga and they will share with you and your team their written assessment.

People are referred for Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), by their community mental health team. We are unable to accept referrals for people who do not have a care manager in a community mental health team.

For those referred for DBT, you will begin with 4 sessions of precommitment, where together you and your therapist will determine whether DBT is the right therapy for you. If you are accepted to the programme you will receive 12 months or individual and group therapy.

How to contact us

Phone: 04 494 9173


Address: Administration Building, Level 1, 31 Mein Street Newtown (Wellington Regional Hospital campus)

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Last updated 4 August 2023.