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Support for Māori clients

Māori tangata whaiora (clients) and kaimahi (staff) who use our services and work for us benefit from a Māori kaumatua kaunihera (kaumatua council) that leads our service on matters pertaining to tikanga Maori.

The kaunihera supports the mental health, addiction and intellectual disability service (MHAIDS) to meet its obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

Meeting monthly, the kaunihera directs guides and advises on the tikanga Māori aspect of strategies and policies developed by MHAIDS, and operational decisions.

The kaunihera will also support or assist kaimahi (staff), tangata whaiora (clients) and their whanau directly as requested. In many cases our kaumatua, Kuni Shepherd, or kuia, Areta Koopu will refer whanau to their local mana whenua to support and inform them around areas of concern.

It also provides a forum for clinicians to consult with them regarding any protocols or other issues related to tikanga.

The kaunihera supports the Pacific Matua and clinicians on cultural aspects relevant to assisting Pacific people within mental health and addiction too.

Last updated 17 September 2021.