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Mental Health Service Older Persons (MHSOP)

About our service

The Mental Health Service Older Persons (MHSOP) is located at Te Whare Ra Uta on the Kenepuru Community Hospital campus.

It is predominantly a community based service, with a 16 bed specialist inpatient unit. We work as a multi-disciplinary team including nursing, medical, occupational therapy, psychology, social work and support staff.

The MHSOP provides assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to:

  • Older people with recent onset psychiatric illness 
  • People with complex behavioural and psychological difficulties associated with dementia where a short-stay in an acute hospital environment is required for assessment of ongoing needs.

It is important that the person’s physical health has been considered and that delirium or other medical illnesses have been managed or excluded.

There are some people referred with complex physical and mental health needs where co management across more than one specialty service may be needed. The Mental Health Service Older Persons service works works in close collaboration with other service providers to identify the best ways of achieving this.

What you can expect if you or a family member use our service

Inpatient unit

Each person admitted to the inpatient unit has a primary nurse and associate nurse assigned to them; they are usually also assessed by the medical staff on the day of admission, and later during the admission, as the need is identified, by other members of the multidisciplinary team.

The staff wear identification badges and you can ask them about their role. The multidisciplinary team works closely with whānau, informal support systems and other providers of health care services who will be actively involved in discharge planning alongside the person or tāngata whaiora.

Visiting hours

Visiting hours are 10am to 8pm every day or by arrangement if needed and this can be discussed with the nurse in charge.

Visits by family or friends are encouraged as maintaining social contacts plays a positive role in a person’s recovery. Certain areas of the ward may have greater restrictions than others; if necessary please discuss this with the nurse.

Te Whatu Ora has a non-smoking policy anywhere on its grounds including the inpatient ward and visitors are asked to refrain from smoking while on the premises.

How to contact us

Referrals for initial assessment in the community

Referrals for an initial assessment in the community are usually facilitated by a person’s GP through the Care Coordination Centre (the Needs Assessment and Service Coordination agency run by Te Whatu Ora Capital, Coast & Hutt Valley by the Nurse Maude organisation).

Enquiries to the community team

Phone: (04) 978-2841


Referrals for inpatient admission

These are usually facilitated by the community team or by referrals from the general hospital.

Enquiries to the inpatient ward

Phone: (04) 978-2863

Te Whare Ra Uta is located at 16 Hospital Drive in Kenepuru Community Hospital, Raiha Street, Porirua 5022. There are two car parks designated for visitors to Te Whare Ra Uta nearby however there are often a number of other parking spaces nearby should these be taken.

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Last updated 22 March 2024.